NFT Artwork 

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are on the rise, bringing to light the latest innovation in the digital collectible market.

These NFTs exit as one-of-a-kind files on the blockchain, with the details of the creator, loaded on the digital ledger forever. The buyer typically only get limited ability to display their art pieces, restricting these beautiful works of art to the eyes of a few until they deem it time to sell.

Seven Yun - Walk through the desert 5

21 Sep 2023
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Sang Woo Yun

Live and Works in Seoul, Korea

A desolate 6,000m Pamir. The season is summer, but snowflakes fall.

Young girls sit crouched by the rugged mountains in order to sell horse milk cheese,

waiting for the rare car to pass by.

People rush to ferries on the dark red Amazon riverside in an effort to sell palmsized

carving boats and black plastic bags filled with cheap jungle food.

The sight of their desperation to live made me tear up.

The deep inlands where strangers cannot easily set foot - those are the lands I want

to go to. It may look rough, but you meet kind people, the kind of people you

prepare another journey to meet again.

Even loneliness has become scenery, with the search for lost laughter in nature

creating a desire to live.

My travels are for comfort and peace in life. I walked with two feet, and I captured

in pictures the beauty of what I saw with my own eyes.

I don't want to bring up any famous photographer's aesthetic or philosophy. What I

pour into my photography is the beauty my best self has chosen.


BFA, Han Yang University, Seoul Korea