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K-Startups Meet OpenAI.

8 Jun 2023
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Lee Young (center), Minister of SMEs and Startups, Sam Altman (right), CEO of OpenAI, and Greg Brockman (left), co-founder of OpenAI, talk at the 'K-Startups meet OpenAI' event at 63 Bldg. in Yeouido, Seoul, on Sept. 9.

"Don't regulate the technology, regulate the use," Greg Brockman said at "K-Startups Meet OpenAI." [translated from Korean to English/ original language not heard].

To do that, we need to understand the use cases, study their social impact, and change regulations accordingly.  

This sounds like something he would say to the tech giants who oppose ChatGPT. 

There's also a lot of emphasis on starting small, much like Andrew Ng's argument (more on that later). 

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샘 알트만이 아니라 ChatGPT가 대답하는 것 같다. 질문자, 대답자, 누구의 문제일까? 

새로울 것이 없는 홍보용 질문,한국 스타일의 아재 개그, 그리고 가끔 질문자가 긍정적인 대답을 강요하지만, ChatGPT스타일로 잘 빠져나가며 교과적인 대답을 ChatGPT 아바타. 급급한 홍보가 아니라, 국제적으로 좀더 멀리 바라봐서, 세계인들에게 홍보가 될 수 있었다면 얼마나 좋았을까? 그러기 위해서는 깊이있고 새로우며 창의적인 질문이 필요했다.