SimEunlog MetaLab.

SimEunlog MetaLab. (hereinafter 'SEM lab'), SEM lab works between two “METAs” (META-physics and METAverse) and practices ethical decisions of the trolley dilemma in AI, environmental art, and especially the realization of RE100 through MetaArt. SEM lab supports artists and art lovers to create art through media including AI-based block coding, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling, and Clip Studio Paint. It supports a space for exhibition, presentation, and curation at CGAMverse, Roblox, ZEPETO, and GatherTown. SEM lab supports several artists in working and exhibiting in the metaverse from countries in Africa or Latin America, where digital assets are scarce. Furthermore, in the same way that an exhibition for children with physical disabilities across five continents was made possible during the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games, a Paralympic Arts exhibition is being prepared for the Metaverse.

SimEunlog MetaLab. & SIM Eunlog

SEM lab is simultaneously active in the following three places related to the metaverse.

 (1) SEM lab (predecessor, ‘Rhizome-Si Eunlog Research Institute’, established in 2011) is activated when there is a big event based on the Espace Rhizome (24, Dongseobuk 14-gil, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si). SEM lab supports MetaCineRhizome in taking on a leading position in the metaverse film industry.

(2) SEM lab offers digital technical support and direction in CgamVerse. All experiments related to Meta Art and AI Art are attempted here. However, it is an independent research institute separate from Art Plus Gallery or CGAM Gallery.

(3) SEM lab educates the theory and practice of MetaArt, natural aesthetics, and ecological art history from the second half of 2022 at Jirisan Eco Art Farm (JIIAF, Hadong, Gyeongnam).

All the research plans, processes, and results mentioned above are simultaneously uploaded to the SimEunlog MetaLab.

Research experience

- 2019, 2021 ~ Present : Adjunct Professor, Dongguk University, Seoul.

- 2019~ 2017. Adjunct professor at Methodist Theologist University, Seoul.

- 2018 -2019 : UNESCO ICM Advisory Curator […]

- 2008 – 2010: Post-doctoral Researcher at CEIFR [UMR CNRS 8034] at the CNRS-EHESS, France. Etc.


- @Meta Flower Garden Tour (Senegal and neighboring countries): JIIAF, Art Gwangju, Changwon, Cgamverse, 2021~2.

- Dive into Light, 8th Gwangju Design Biennale - Commemoration of the 18th Gwangju FINA World Swimming Championships, in Gwangju Design Center and Nambu National University International Swimming Stadium, 2019.7–10.

- Like wild flowers, like stars, Paris UNESCO, 2018.4.

- 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics Exhibition, Gangneung Olympic Park, 2018.3.

- Like wild flowers, like stars, UNOG UN Geneva Office, December 2017.

- The 11th Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition, 2016, 9.

- Anniversary of 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and France, Seoul, Paris. 2016.

- UNESCO 70th Anniversary Exhibition, The Third Reality’ Paris UNESCO (Paris, 2015.9),

- 130th Anniversary of Korea-France Diplomatic Relations and 50th Anniversary Paris (Cité Internationale des Arts) Paris, 2015.10




-  Future Art and Healing Art, Again From Chaos, Seoul: History of Education and Science, 2021.

-  Seundja Rhee's Art, Milky Way with Yin and Yang, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: Art Culture, 2018.

-  Reducing curiosity about people, conversation with Suh Yongsun, Seoul: History of Education Science, 2016.

-  Art, where are you? (artworks: Daniel Buren), Paju: Jamjamajoo, 2015.

-  Art of ambiguity, Conversation and Walking with Lee Ufan, Seoul: HyundaeMoonhak, 2014.

-  The World's Most Expensive Artist 10, What Makes They So Special?, Paju: Art Books, 2013.

-  Island in My Head, (artworks: Jean-Michel Othoniel), Paju: Jamimaju, 2012.

-  Prince Butterfly’s Operation Dawn, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Masan: ACC Project, 2011.